Helgaksen Lumon Bianca ''Nalli''

born 4.10.2016
registration number FI51503/16
sex female
colour wolf colour / wild boar, white markings
health results eye examination: no evidence of inherited eye diseases, elbow joint: 0/0, hip joint: C/C, spine: lumbosacral transitional vertebra: LTV0 (normal),  spondylosis: SP0 (free),  vertebral anomaly: VA0 (normal), number of anomalies: 0, patellar luxation: 0/0
other health results Pompen, DM & PRCD-pra: clear

 photo: Petri Hallberg
 photo: M-H Rajaniemi 
 photo: Petri Hallberg 
Dogshows: VG x 1
Puppy plans to Nalli to summer 2020!